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Safe Environment

Committed to creating a safe environment

At Bellarmine we have in place processes and procedures to ensure that everyone at Bellarmine is safe and treated according to our core values with care and hospitality. We practice and adhere to these protocols to maintain a safe environment:

  • Background checks are conducted on all staff hired.
  • Virtus training is required for all staff on how to prevent sexual abuse and create safe environments.
  • Our staff members are mandated by state law to report any suspected child abuse.
  • All offices have windows to ensure visible meeting environments.
  • Retreat groups meet separate and apart from the Jesuit residence.
  • Adult programming is scheduled and conducted separately from youth retreat programming.
  • We contractually require all groups that bring clergy to ensure they are in good standing and have faculties to work in the Archdiocese of Chicago.
  • All staff members are instructed, encouraged and trained to report any concerning or questionable situations or behavior.
  • A comprehensive whistle blower policy is in place for anyone who has a concern with Bellarmine leadership.