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Discerning Your Decision Retreats

Discernment Retreats

One of the basic concepts of Ignatian Spirituality and St. Ignatius of Loyola's Spiritual Exercises is discernment. Pondering and noticing interior movements of attraction and heaviness are at the heart of Ignatian discernment. Discernment involves prayer and weighing facts and feelings. It rekindles hope, nourishes the soul, and refreshes the spirit.  Bellarmine offers several weekend retreats on discernment throughout the year.  

A discernment retreat at Bellarmine is a special time for men and women to invite silence into the soul and to rest in quiet communion with God.  We are committed to providing you with a comfortable environment conducive to peaceful prayer and quiet reflection.

What are the Spiritual Exercises

The Spiritual Exercises are designed to bring us into deeper intimacy with God and greater personal freedom.  A fundamental truth underlies the Spiritual Exercises:  God loves us unconditionally. We, even in our limitations, enjoy a special worth and dignity in the eyes of God.  It is through the Spiritual Exercises that we are moved by the Holy Spirit to become co-laborers with Christ in bringing His love and saving grace to the world.

The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius Loyola are meant to unite us with God Who is Love.  According to St. Ignatius, β€œThe phrase β€˜Spiritual Exercises’ takes in all the formal ways we have of making contact with God, such as meditation, contemplation, vocal prayer, devotions, examination of conscience, and so on.” 

Feb 10-12, 2023

An Ignatian, Silent Weekend Retreat for Adults

Retreat Master: Fr. J. Michael Sparough, SJ
Retreat Title: Discerning Your Decisions in the Ignatian Tradition

Drawing on insights from his book, "What's Your Decision?" Fr. Michael will present an "Ignatian spirituality tool kit" for discernment and decision-making, leading a series of prayer exercises designed to help us listen to God.

Meet Fr. Michael Sparough, SJ (co-author of "What's Your Decision?")

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