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Bellarmine Jesuit Retreat House is governed by a two-tier board composed of a Board of Members and Board of Directors.  The Board is committed to engaging in Ignatian Spirituality throughout their service, fostering prayerful discernment of the movement of the Spirit preceding purposeful and strategic action furthering the mission and vision of Bellarmine.

Board of Members

  • Fr. Jim Dixon, SJ
  • Fr. David Mastrangelo, SJ, Chair
  • Fr. James Stoeger, SJ

Board of Directors

  • John Kurkowski, Chair
  • Marjorie Beane, Vice-Chair
  • Fr. Jeremiah Boland
  • Eugene Croisant
  • Charles Foos
  • Patricia Furgat
  • David Goelzer
  • Lauren Hackman-Brooks
  • Geoff Hammond
  • Paul Horcher
  • Fr. Gregory Hyde, SJ
  • R. Tony Hyler
  • Bill Loftus
  • Fr. Paul B. Macke, SJ
  • Fr. Chris Manahan, SJ
  • J. Pablo Padilla
  • Timothy Reuland
  • Fred Salazar
  • Grant Shumway
  • Fr. Robert Wild, SJ